First Time Cruise Mistakes
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First time cruise tips for your next vacation

Planning a cruise can be intimidating, especially if you’ve never done it before. Everyone wants to have a relaxing vacation without any headaches, but you might not know where some of the pitfalls lie. Here are some first time cruise mistakes people make and how you can avoid them on your next cruise adventure. Keep Reading

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How to wash your swimsuit in your stateroom sink
Posted on in Cruise Tips

How to wash your swimsuit in your stateroom sink

Stinky Swimsuit? Keeping it Clean Is Easier than you Think! If you’re like most cruisers, then most of your cruise days are spent in your bathing suit.  Whether you are snorkeling, lounging on a beach or relaxing in the hot tub, your swimsuits get plenty of wear.  With all the saltwater, sand, chlorine, sunscreen, and… Keep Reading

Pack for a cruise with only a carry on
Posted on in Cruise Planning

How to Pack for a Cruise with Only a Carry On

There are many reasons to pack light on a cruise vacation but can you really pack for a cruise with only a carry on? The answer is you can! It can save you on checked baggage fees at the airport and reduce clutter in your cabin.  Minimalist packing takes careful planning and an easy-going attitude,… Keep Reading

How to tip on a cruise
Posted on in Cruise Tips

How to tip on a cruise

How to tip on a cruise can be confusing.  Knowing what is the proper or best way to tip on a cruise is one of those questions if you ask five different people you’ll get six different answers. For first-time cruisers as well as seasoned travelers may find it very difficult to understand how or… Keep Reading

Cruise Drink Package
Posted on in Cruise Tips

To Drink Package or Not to Drink Package

One of the biggest decisions you may have to make before embarking on a cruise is if you should purchase a cruise drink package. A drink package on a cruise has a set price per person, per day, to allow you to consume an unlimited amount of drinks on board. Depending on your tentative plans… Keep Reading

Cruise packing list
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Cruise packing list: What to pack for a cruise

Cruise Packing Tips We’ve packed for every kind of cruise imaginable, from 3 days to 7 days and from the Bahamas to Alaska. We’ve got some handy tips to make sure all your necessary cruise attire and items are accounted for, all in a printable cruise packing list to make the job even easier. With our… Keep Reading

Cruise Travel Agent
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Should You Use a Cruise Travel Agent?

Let’s face it: planning a vacation can be difficult. Booking flights, accommodations, and excursions can be overwhelming, especially if you’re on a budget. While planning a vacation is challenging enough, planning a cruise is even more challenging. That’s where a cruise travel agent comes in! What is a Cruise Travel Agent? Unless you’ve been living… Keep Reading

Cruise Cabin Hacks
Posted on in Cruise Tips

12 Cruise Cabin Hacks to Help You Cruise in Comfort

Whether you are staying in an interior stateroom or a premium cabin suite, space is hard to come by on-board a cruise ship.  Most cabins are only half the size of an average hotel room, so it can be a challenge to find places to store all your personal items.  These 12 cruise cabin hacks… Keep Reading

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