12 Cruise Cabin Hacks to Help You Cruise in Comfort

Cruise Cabin Hacks

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Whether you are staying in an interior stateroom or a premium cabin suite, space is hard to come by onboard a cruise ship. Most cabins are only half the size of an average hotel room, so it can be challenging to find places to store all your items. These 12 cruise cabin hacks will help you cruise in comfort.

Cruise Cabin Hacks We Use

  1. Hang Things on the Walls. Did you know that your cruise line makes cabin walls and ceilings out of metal? As a result, you can place heavy-duty magnetic hooks just about anywhere in your cabin space. They are perfect for hanging up your odds and ends or creating a privacy curtain. You can get a pack of these for around $2.10/hook on Amazon.com.
  2. Go Collapsible! If you’re looking for a place to keep your dirty laundry, a collapsible laundry hamper can be easily stored flat in your luggage and tucked away in the cabin closet or under the vanity. You can use lightweight, collapsible containers for everything from water bottles (great for your excursion day-pack) to shoe storage.
  3. Pack an Extra Poncho. Unfortunately, because the towel rack is often located directly above the toilet, hanging your clothes results in a wet toilet seat. A simple solution is to pack an extra poncho and place it over the toilet while clothes are drip drying. It’s easily removed when you need to use the restroom but helps you make the most of your small space.
  4. Don’t Unpack everything. While taking everything out of your luggage might seem like a good idea, it can cost you a lot of cabin space. An excellent cruise cabin hack is to use your suitcase to store bulky or infrequently used items. A snorkel set or hiking boots that you only use twice on your cruise take up valuable closet space. Save the closets for things you’ll want to get access to daily.
  5. Use Hanging Toiletry and Cosmetic Organizers. By far, one of our favorite cruise cabin hacks, and a great way to save on bathroom space in your cabin, is to use a hanging organizer. You can hang this on the towel rack or with a magnetic hook. They come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors to fit all your needs.

You Can Rearrange Your Cabin

  1. Relocate the Towels. This cruise bathroom hack seems too obvious, but many don’t take advantage. When you’re spending every day at the pool, beach, or exploring tropical rain forests, everything returns to your cruise cabin, damp. So, whether you are washing your swimming suit in the sink or just looking to air out your socks, the built-in towel rack is a great place to hang up your wet items to dry. Relocate the towels to another shelf in your stateroom (there is often a shelf under the bathroom sink that works great for this) and start drying.
  2. Get Rid of the Tables. Feeling crowded? On most cruise lines, you can ask your cabin steward to remove small furniture and items from your cabin. Chairs, throw pillows, and even the tables can be stored away to create more space. It is also a great way to increase mobility for guests who have difficulty moving around.
  3. Relocate the Coffee Maker. If you aren’t a coffee drinker, the stateroom coffee maker takes up precious space. You can ask your cabin steward to remove it from your stateroom or stash it away in a cabinet, giving you more room for items you want to use.
  4. Ditch the Mini-Bar. Some cruise lines, such as Viking and Celebrity, have pre-stocked mini-bars in some cabins. They take up extra space in your mini-fridge and often cost extra if you remove them. Ask your cabin steward to remove the items when you first get into your cabin. If you decide you want those $3 cans of soda, you can order them through your ship’s cabin service.

Power Cruise Cabin Hacks

  1. Invest in an International Adapter. Most cruise cabins have two outlet types, an American (120 Volt) and an International (220 Volt) option. For about $40, you can pick up a simple Universal Travel Adapter to double the number of electronics you can use. With an adapter like this, you won’t have to stop charging all your devices to plug in your laptop or curling iron.
  2. Pack a Power Strip with USB ports. Nobody wants their e-reader to run out of battery once they’ve snagged that perfect pool-side lounger. So, ensure you have charging stations set up for all your devices while onboard. A lightweight power strip (or two) is essential. Many newer-style strips also offer USB ports eliminating the need for more chargers. The cruise staff will remove items that might be hazardous, so make sure your power strip is undamaged.
  3. Find the Hidden USB Charger. If you forgot your phone charger at home, don’t fret. Just use your cabin’s television to charge your device. Many rooms have a USB charger on the flat-screen TV, and you can find this port on the side or back of the screen. Here are some easy instructions on how to find and use this port.

Having a comfortable cabin space you can relax is essential, whether your cruise is for three days or three weeks. You can help make the difference between a fantastic vacation or a mediocre experience by using these cruise cabin hacks to make the most of your stateroom. When in doubt, you can always ask your cabin steward to show you around and help to make your home away from home a more restful and inviting place.

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