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Cruise Ship Cabin Peeping: Intrusive or Part of the Experience?

Wife Gets Caught Red-Handed Spying Into People'S Cruise Ship Cabins

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CKIA’s View

Cruise ships are meant to be a place of fun and relaxation, but what happens when your cabin overlooks the deck or promenade?

TikTok user @southern_dadd recently went on a Carnival cruise and had a cabin above the promenade with a wall of cabins facing them. His wife took advantage of the situation by using binoculars to spy on other passengers. This sparked a debate on whether this behavior is intrusive or just part of the experience of living in close quarters. Some viewers were skeeved out, while others thought it was just part of the fun. If you value your privacy, it’s recommended to close your stateroom’s blinds or opt for an ocean view room to avoid unwanted attention.

If you’re on a cruise ship with a room overlooking the deck or promenade, you might just want to keep your blinds closed. You never know who just might be looking in… TikTok user @southern_dadd recently embarked on a Carnival cruise with his wife, where they had a cabin above the promenade. With a wall of other cabins facing them across the way, his wife got curious… Click here to watch the video. Caught red-handed! Seriously, she had the binoculars out and everything- looks like we’ve got ourselves a […]

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