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Alaska Port Rockslide Work to be Done by Cruise Season

Alaska Port Rockslide Work To Be Done By Cruise Season

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Alaska’s Skagway Borough is working to repair a rockslide that occurred in December 2021, in time for the upcoming cruise season. The slide destroyed a section of the dock and crushed a barge, and the municipality has declared a state of emergency to speed up the repairs. The borough is working with the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities to assess the damage and develop a repair plan. The municipality has also applied for state and federal funds to help with the estimated $10 million repair cost. The work is expected to be completed by May 2022, in time for the start of the cruise season.

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The popular port of Skagway, Alaska is hoping to have completed the emergency mitigation work to minimize the risk of rockslides near the critical White Pass Railroad Dock by the time the summer sailing season opens in April. This could help ensure cruise ships are able to safely dock, and bring a record number of passengers to the iconic destination. Skagway Repairs on Schedule for Cruise Season During the summer of 2022, the White Pass Railroad Dock in Skagway, Alaska – an […]

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